Round Ten Entries

Name: Mel
Video: Bodies
Fandom: Various Scary Movies
Song and Artist: "Bodies" by Drowning Pool
Description: This is a music video I made using clips from around 20 differen't slasher movies.

Name: Victoria (site)
Video: Living Dead Girl
Fandom: Point Pleasant
Song and Artist: "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie
Description: Christina brings damnation upon the quiet town of Point Pleasant.

Name: Heather (site)
Video: Sugar
Fandom: Tori Amos tribute
Song and Artist: "Sugar" by Tori Amos
Description: A tribute to musician, Tori Amos. Focusing on 15 years of her music.

Name: Buffyann (site)
Video: Headlights
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Song and Artist: "Headlights" by Archive
Description: Starbuck's struggle through life and through her "destiny" path.

Name: whereistheluv (site)
Video: Push
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Push and Pull" by Nikka Costa
Description: Dean character study

Name: Kerry (site)
Video: Your Guardian Angel
Fandom: Harry Potter
Song and Artist: "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Description: Snape vows to protect Harry out of his love for Lily. This video was made a week before the seventh book was released.

Name: FrogPrincezz
Video: Ever the Same
Fandom: A Walk to Remember
Song and Artist: "Ever the Same" by Rob Thomas
Description: Landon wants to be with Jamie. Everything seems ok, until Jamie gets sick, Landon wants her to know she is no burden to him. He will always be there for her.

Name: brighette (site)
Video: No Fear
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "No Fear (Chris Vrenna Mix)" by The Rasmus
Description: In this life, you can never know who to trust, so you better show no fear.

Name: Milly (site)
Video: Cast a Hook
Fandom: Doctor Who
Song and Artist: "Cast a Hook (in me)" by Laura Veirs
Description: 'A merman with a twinkle casts a hook in me...'. Rose's life with the Doctor has left a permanent imprint on her.

Name: Elle (site)
Video: Requiem for Lois & Clark
Fandom: Smallville
Song and Artist: Various: "Immediate Music"
Description: This video is an ultimate trailer for relationship of Lois & Clark in Smallville.

Name: Kate Pevensie (site)
Video: Rider
Fandom: Eragon
Song and Artist: "Orchard of Mines" by Globus
Description: A video focused on Eragon's journey as a dragon rider.

Name: Elion (site)
Video: The Howling
Fandom: 300
Song and Artist: "The Howling" by Within Temptation
Description: They were born to kill! (Contains graphic violence and some nudity.)

Name: Castor
Fandom: LEGEND
Song and Artist: "Shadows In Silence" by Enigma
Description: I tried to focus on the strong bond between, Princess Lily & Jack, and how he will do anything for the love of his life, even battle the Lord of Darkness.

Name: mnallison02 (site)
Video: Pieces
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Pieces" by Red
Description: Dean centric video about everything he has gone through including the loss of everyone he's loved.

Name: Cheryl
Video: No Conditions
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "For You" by Johnny Cash and Dave Matthews
Description: The unconditional love Dean has for younger brother Sammy

Name: Guardian (site)
Video: Breath
Fandom: V for Vendetta
Song and Artist: "Breath" by Breaking Benjamin
Description: An overview of the movie V for Vendetta.

Name: Ferd
Video: Stay
Fandom: Batman Begins/Smallville (some) Batman Returns
Song and Artist: "Stay" by Shakespear's Sister
Description: This vid is a sequel to my previous vid "My Last Breath," showing a continuation of the story between Bruce Wayne, Lois Lane and Selina Kyle (Catwoman).

Name: obsessive24 (site)
Video: Jesus for the Jugular
Fandom: Carnivale
Song and Artist: "Jesus for the Jugular" by The Veils
Description: Ain't nobody ever gonna have to die. Contents may disturb.

Name: Jenn (site)
Video: Apologize
Fandom: Smallville
Song and Artist: "Apologize" by One Republic
Description: Clark/Lana video

Name: LilacStarOne (site)
Video: Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Fandom: As the World Turns
Song and Artist: "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" by Oasis
Description: Craig forces Rosanna off the road, and she slips into a coma. However, there's always hope that Rosanna will wake up and she will reunite with Paul.

Name: Leah (site)
Video: Luke Skywalker's Numb
Fandom: Star Wars
Song and Artist: "Numb" by Linkin Park
Description: Both Darth Vader and Sidious try to turn Luke to the Darkside and it makes him numb.

Name: saltwatergirl (site)
Video: Popular
Fandom: Smallville
Song and Artist: "Popular" by Narda Surf
Description: Clark/Whitney, Clark/Jason

Name: wolfpup (site)
Video: Secret Agent Man
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Secret Agent Man" by Steve Douglas
Description: Living a life of danger requires a little subterfuge.

Name: SmokeyFizz
Video: Anxiety
Fandom: Star Wars
Song and Artist: "Anxiety" by the Black Eyed Peas
Description: Anakin feels anxiety through out his whole life for more power, the loss of loved ones, the inabilty to control his temper, and the manipulation of palpatine. This overcoming anxiety is what leads him to the dark side.

Name: YCats21
Video: Peter's December
Fandom: Spider-Man
Song and Artist: "My December" by Linkin Park
Description: Peter faces depression after his Uncle Ben dies. Peter wishes he could throw everything away, if only he could take back what he said and have his uncle back.

Name: Little Heaven (site)
Video: Flagpole Sitta
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Song and Artist: "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger
Description: Dr Daniel Jackson. An entire series of whump. Ouch.

Name: Shazzer (site)
Video: You Know I'm No Good
Fandom: Doctor Who
Song and Artist: "You Know I'm No Good" by Arctic Monkeys
Description: The Doctor and the Master and the Master's master plan. (*spoilers for the last three episodes of Series Three*)

Name: Pécheresse (site)
Video: Out of Control
Fandom: X-Files
Song and Artist: "Out of Control" by the Chemical Brothers
Description: Action-packed music video focussing on the perilous situations Mulder and Scully have had to face over the course of 9 years.

Name: Sunny88 (site)
Video: Elevation
Fandom: Tomb Raider
Song and Artist: "Elevation" by U2
Description: A Music Video on movie "Tomb Raider"

Name: Kitty (site)
Video: Human
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "Human" by the Cinematics
Description: "I can't pick you up again. I've been breaking my back with the weight of your heart. I'm only Human." A Buffy / Faith relationship study from Buffy's POV focusing on their broken relationship and buffy's struggle with Faith's actions.

Name: Morgan (site)
Video: Hell Hath No Fury
Fandom: Dante's Cove
Song and Artist: "Feel For You" by Nightwish
Description: Ambrosius lied when he told Grace he loved her. Never lie to a woman, especially a witch. (R for adult content.)

Name: Kit-Kat (site)
Video: Committed to California
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel/Rip It Off
Song and Artist: "Committed To Parkview" by Porter Wagoner
Description: Everyone in the Buffyverse is in rehab!

Name: Yolanda (site)
Video: The Dance
Fandom: The X-Files
Song and Artist: "The Dance" by Garth Brooks
Description: Mulder's losses through the years and the one person that has always been by his side.

Name: Quee Rose (site)
Video: Bodies
Fandom: Harry Potter
Song and Artist: "Bodies" by Drowning Pool
Description: How this one goes well to me it kinda shows everybody's problems in away. its not just the trios or the slytherins or justs harrys, but everybodys. its kinda to explain because since everybody can see this in their own way

Name: mysterya89 (site)
Video: The Prince's Tale
Fandom: Harry Potter
Song and Artist: "All I Need" by Within Temptation
Description: A Snape video based on the chapter "the prince's tale" from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (spoiler book 7).

Name: Christy (site)
Video: Breathe Me
Fandom: One Tree Hill and General Hospital
Song and Artist: "Breathe Me" by Sia
Description: A character crossover study on the characters, Peyton Sawyer from "One Tree Hill" and Lulu Spencer from "General Hospital." It explores the similarities and differences between the characters as well as show an overview of the characters themselves and relationships they've had in their lives thus far.

Name: Lsketch42 (site)
Video: Morning Comes
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Morning Comes" by Dishwalla
Description: AU Season 3. His time's almost up...and morning

Name: Victor Wonder (site)
Video: United Fantasy
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Song and Artist: "White Night Fantasy" by Nightwish
Description: Old friends reunite to the aid of one, Tifa Lockhart. Join Cloud and his friends as they battle a summoned Bahamut.

Name: Yusagi (site)
Video: Break Me
Fandom: Heroes
Song and Artist: "Break Me, Shake Me" by Savage Garden
Description: Spoilers from Ep 1 to 12. I'd like to say there's some deep grand plot to the vid...but really? It's a tribute to the action in Heroes. If ya must see *something* its the way the Heroes look at their powers, and how it affects them all, even Mohinder.

Name: Thandie (site)
Video: Chemistry
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Chemistry" by UNKLE
Description: Flashy action vid, exploring the darker side of the show.

Name: Anty (site)
Video: Brokeback Prison
Fandom: Prison Break
Song and Artist: Themes from Brokeback Mountain (Gustavo Santaolalla) and The Shawshank Redemption (Thomas Newman)
Description: It was brotherly love. That became a secret. Once again, the touching story of a relationship that must never be. Features Michael/Lincoln (incest!), Lincoln/Veronica, Michael/Sara, state-enforced Character Death, and suicide.

Name: Edelwyn (site)
Video: Cry
Fandom: Dead Again
Song and Artist: "Cry" by James Horner
Description: Obvioulsy a tribute to the movie, and its light, funny, sweet scenes, as well as the wonderful chemistry Kenneth and Emma have on screen. -not to be taken seriously!-

Name: FinduilasNienna (site)
Video: Crazy for this Girl
Fandom: Doctor Who
Song and Artist: "Crazy For This Girl" by Evan & Jaron
Description: A video about the young love between Rose and the Doctor from the Doctor's point of view. This love is still growing and has just been discovered.

Name: Nikki (site)
Video: Invisible
Fandom: Ginger Snaps
Song and Artist: "Invisible" by Otep
Description: 2 sisters deal with the fact that one sister is turning into a werewolf.

Name: Aruna7 (site)
Video: And It All Began
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Liberi Fatali" by Nobuo Uematsu
Description: A tribute to the pilot of the show, focusing on how everything began for the Winchester family.

Name: Flor (site)
Video: Kill
Fandom: Heroes
Song and Artist: "Kill" by Jimmy Eat World
Description: AU. A Peter/Claire video showing the ups and downs of their relationship.

Name: Artanis (site)
Video: Right Beside You
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Song and Artist: "Run" by Snow Patrol
Description: AU. When Faramir and Eowyn were kids their village was burnt down by enemies. Years passed by. Now Eowyn is the King's fiancee and Faramir is secretly in love with her. And then the news come - the King was killed in a battle and hordes of enemies are headed towards the King's tower.

Name: jonsbigandscary
Video: Follow You Home
Fandom: Sin City
Song and Artist: "Follow You Home" by Nickelback
Description: Follows the main love interests in movie and the torment the men are put through for the opposite sex!!

Name: Kristin (site)
Video: Forever Gone Forever You
Fandom: Queen of the Damned & Interview with the Vampire
Song and Artist: "Forever Gone Forever You" by Evanescence
Description: This crossover video features the strained, yet seductive, relationship between Lestat and Louis.

Name: guess productions (site)
Video: Life as a House
Fandom: Life as a House
Song and Artist: "How to Save a Life" by The Fray
Description: Father and son relationship is explored. Sam father is dying and the drama that comes from coping.

Name: Xcully (site)
Video: One Mint Julep
Fandom: Remington Steele
Song and Artist: "One Mint Julep" by Xavier Cugat
Description: "What funny man this Remington Steele!!!"

Name: ViDawn (site)
Video: Wherever You Will Go
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling
Description: This vid shows how John feels about leaving his sons.

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