Round Thirteen Winners

Awards are presented as text links out of consideration to those with slower connection speeds. Please save all awards to your own server.

Core Awards

All awards are customized by fandom. Winners are animated.

Best Video - This World by Buffyann

Best Video RU - Kamikaze by Thandie

Best Editing - Justified Killer by SolarKhan

Best Use of Music - OMG! by obsessive24

Best Use of Music RU - This World by Buffyann

Specialized Awards

This round's template features Spider-Man and Tombstone from The Spectacular Spider-Man. Winners are animated while runners-up include still screenshots.

Best Overview - Relax, Take it Easy by Rae

Best Overview RU - When Under Ether by Shazzer

Best Overview RU - Nightmares are Good by Heather

Best Character - Displaced by Milly

Best Character RU - What Controls His Mind by Castor

Best Character RU - Kamikaze by Thandie

Best Relationship - Revelations by saltwatergirl

Best Relationship RU- The Fear by Shoopdancer

Best Relationship RU- Watch Over You by wolfpup

Best Ensemble - This World by Buffyann

Best Ensemble RU - OMG! by obsessive24

Best Narrative - Revelations by saltwatergirl

Best Narrative RU - Revelations by brighette

Best Narrative RU - Enjoy the Silence by Skeezerbeans

Best Action - Kamikaze by Thandie

Best Action RU - What Controls His Mind by Castor

Best Action RU - Quest by balistik

Best Comedy - OMG! by obsessive24

Best Alternative - Revelations by saltwatergirl

Best Alternative RU - Justified Killer by SolarKhan

Best Alternative RU - Tourniquet by nikki

Best Effects - Revelations by saltwatergirl

Discretionary Awards

Awards for Merit are constructed exactly like Specialized runners-up. Notable Entries feature Spidey, MJ, and Gwen Stacy from The Spectacular Spider-Man. Judge's Choice is customized by fandom and animated.

Award for Merit - Adrenaline by Pete Sgroi

Award for Merit - Forever by anubis

Notable Entry - Stricken by Victoria

Judge's Choice - What Controls His Mind by Castor

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