Round Two Winners

Awards are presented as text links out of consideration to those with slower connection speeds. Please save all awards to your own server.

Core Awards

All awards are customized by fandom. Winners are animated.

Best Video - I Feel You by Brad

Best Video RU - Sin City by Jake

Best Editing - Sadeness by Kristin

Best Editing RU - Meds by Destiny

Best Use of Music - I Feel You by Brad

Best Use of Music RU - Temporary Secretary by yorkshirewench

Specialized Awards

This round's template features Peter and Mary Jane from Spider-Man: Black and Blue and Read All Over. Winners are animated while runners-up include still screenshots.

Best Overview - Every Me, Every You by Zohar

Best Overview RU - Nothing Else Matters by Buffyann

Best Overview RU - Never Alone by Omnicent

Best Character - Meds by Destiny

Best Character RU - I Feel You by Brad

Best Romance - Collide by becca

Best Romance RU - Too Little Too Late by whereistheluv

Best Relationship - Silence by Milly

Best Relationship RU - One More Fight by SolarKhan

Best Ensemble - Sin City by Jake

Best Ensemble RU - Beautiful by Jon

Best Ensemble RU - Champions by Edewlyn

Best Narrative - Silence by Milly

Best Narrative RU - Hard Times by Shazzer

Best Narrative RU - Remember When it Rained by Alexus Luthor

Best Action - Never Alone by Omnicent

Best Comedy - Temporary Secretary by yorkshirewench

Best Comedy RU - Hump De Bump by Sarah Beth

Best Comedy RU - Zero to Hero by WendyLouWho

Best Episodic - Zero to Hero by WendyLouWho

Best Alternative - Sadeness by Kristin

Best Alternative RU - Too Little Too Late by whereistheluv

Best Effects - Meds by Destiny

Best Effects RU - Sin City by Jake

Discretionary Awards

Awards for Merit are constructed exactly like Specialized runners-up. The Notable Entry template features cover art from an issue of Peter Parker: Spider-Man. There is no Judge's Choice this round.

Award for Merit - Siva by Andrea

Award for Merit - Return to Heartbreak by Erin

Award for Merit - The Others are Coming by Borislava

Award for Merit - Devil by lexi

Award for Merit - Real Love is Forever by Heather

Award for Merit - Witches by Dark Faeries

Award for Merit - If This is the End by Leanna

Notable Entry - Edge of Faith by WereDoomed

Notable Entry - Part of Me by Nightmare Drusilla

Notable Entry - Strong by Aleisha

Didn't win anything? Don't be discouraged - competition this round was incredibly intense. Please see the earliest update on the index page for information regarding reviews and resubmission.

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