Round Three Winners

Awards are presented as text links out of consideration to those with slower connection speeds. Please save all awards to your own server.

Core Awards

All awards are customized by fandom. Winners are animated.

Best Video - Closer by Kristin

Best Video RU - Vixen by Eclipse

Best Editing - Vixen by Eclipse

Best Editing RU - Forlorn by anubis

Best Use of Music - Kingdom of Heaven by Jake

Best Use of Music RU - sex, violence, and cylons by MartoufMarty

Specialized Awards

This round's template features Peter and Gwen Stacy as drawn by Al Rio. Winners are animated while runners-up include still screenshots.

Best Overview - The Great Ring by Casper

Best Overview RU - Silent Asylum by Reverie

Best Character - Closer by Kristin

Best Character RU - Jumper by Sarah Beth

Best Character RU - Taste of Blood by Buffyann

Best Romance - I'm Stupid by Kamyar

Best Romance RU - Seth and Summer Tribute by Dark Faeries

Best Relationship - Para-Noir by Zohar

Best Ensemble - Day by Day by whereistheluv

Best Action - Vixen by Eclipse

Best Action RU - Kingdom of Heaven by Jake

Best Action RU - Firestarter by Andrea

Best Comedy - sex, violence, and cylons by MartoufMarty

Best Comedy RU - Love Machine by becca

Best Comedy RU - Too Sexy by SamanthaJackson

Best Alternative - Hanging by a Moment by lexi

Best Effects - Vixen by Eclipse

Best Effects RU - Forlorn by anubis

Discretionary Awards

Awards for Merit are constructed exactly like Specialized runners-up. The Notable Entry template features an image of Gwen Stacy by Alex Ross. Judge's Choice is customized by fandom and animated.

Award for Merit - Far Away by Dante

Award for Merit - Move Along by Flor

Award for Merit - Hunger of a Deadman by SolarKhan

Award for Merit - What's Left of Me by Sonya

Award for Merit - Imaginary by Carmen

Notable Entry - Die Another Day by Anna

Notable Entry - Magneto by Victoria

Notable Entry - Alive by Heather

Notable Entry - AU Doctor/Rose Vid by Rachel

Notable Entry - A Brother's Memories by Kelly

Notable Entry - All I Want for Christmas by Crusader

Judge's Choice - Forlorn by anubis

Didn't win anything? Don't be discouraged - competition this round was incredibly intense. Please see the earliest update on the index page for information regarding reviews and resubmission.

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