Round Four Entries

Name: Anne (site)
Video: Blind
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Blind" by Placebo
Description: Dean wants to save his brother from the evil that's hunting him, but it's hard to do when Sam wants to leave.

Name: Dark Faeries (site)
Video: Snow White Queen
Fandom: Buffy
Song and Artist: "Snow White Queen" by Evanescence
Description: Buffy and Spike's story, from the very passional violent beginning to the sweet emotional end... No matter what they do, or what Buffy tries to deny, they belong to each other.

Name: Kevin
Video: Someday
Fandom: Tru Calling
Song and Artist: "Someday" by Nickelback
Description: Short Episodic of Putting out fires.

Name: SamanthaJackson (site)
Video: I Need My Friends
Fandom: How I Met Your Mother
Song and Artist: "Build Me Up Buttercup" by the Foundations
Description: A season 1 tribute to the funny show How I met your mother

Name: Martouf Marty (site)
Video: We Want Your Soul
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Song and Artist: "We Want Your Soul" by Freeland
Description: What the Wraith really want from humans...

Name: Victoria (site)
Video: Generation X
Fandom: Generation X
Song and Artist: "Generation Next" by the Spice Girls
Description: highlights the made for tv film "Generation X" in which the White Queen and Banshee form and train a new group of X-Men super heros.

Name: Edelwyn (site)
Video: Much Ado About Nothing
Fandom: Much Ado About Nothing
Song and Artist: from Love Actually soundtrack
Description: A Much ado about nothing trailer remix (Kenneth Branagh 1993's adaptation of Shakespeare's play)

Name: Crusader (site)
Video: A New World
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe
Song and Artist: "A New World" by Toby Mac
Description: An action/adventure video detailing on the Pevensie children

Name: Elion (site)
Video: Haunted
Fandom: Beowulf and Grendel
Song and Artist: "Haunted" by Evanescence
Description: Beowulf is haunted by his life, by having to come to Daneland to kill Grendel and his family.

Name: Destiny (site)
Video: Every Now and Then
Fandom: Nip/Tuck
Song and Artist: "Sam's Town" by The Killers
Description: The group struggles from within. As their relationships with each other change they individually suffer inevitable loss.

Name: Heather (site)
Video: Living For
Fandom: The Salton Sea
Song and Artist: "All That I'm Living For" by Evanescence
Description: Focuses on Tom Van Allen/ Danny Parker and his struggle to move on with life after his wife was murdered and he was powerless to pervent it. He then sets out seeking revenge.

Name: Christy (site)
Video: Sick Inside
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Song and Artist: "Sick Inside" by Hope Partlow
Description: Brooke is having an affair with Lucas behind Peyton's back (like the opposite of the love triangle in season 1) and feels guilty about it because Lucas is in love with Peyton.

Name: Yolanda (site)
Video: Gilligan's Island
Fandom: Farscape
Song and Artist: Gilligan's Island Theme
Description: A funny look at Farscape using the classic TV show theme

Name: Jennifer B. (site)
Video: Zombie
Fandom: Black Hawk Down
Song and Artist: "Zombie" by The Cranberries
Description: A violent look at the movie Black Hawk Down.

Name: SimbiAni (site)
Video: Harder to Breathe
Fandom: X2
Song and Artist: "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon5
Description: X2 - John struggles with releasing his inner pyro, and losing his two best friends in the process. (John/Bobby/Rogue) Details: Footage from my official DVD :: 4mins14seconds :: 22MB :: WMV ::

Name: whereistheluv (site)
Video: Colorblind
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Song and Artist: "Colorblind" by Counting Crows
Description: After Lilly's death, the color goes out of Veronica's world.

Name: Kelly (site)
Video: Supergirl!
Fandom: Multi: X-Men Trilogy, Fantastic 4, and Sky High
Song and Artist: "Buttercup (I'm a Supergirl)" by Shonan Knife
Description: Girl superheroes, know how & can kick butt with the best of them! :D

Name: ShadowNOS (site)
Video: VII: The End
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Song and Artist: "Stand My Ground" by Within Temptation
Description: Winning entry at Battlesaga VII.

Name: Fallen Angels (site)
Video: Hell
Fandom: Bent
Song and Artist: "Unforgiven" by Apocalyptica
Description: Gay in in germany in 1940

Name: Quee Rose (site)
Video: Love That Finally Found Me
Fandom: Harry Potter
Song and Artist: "Crystal" by Stevie Nicks
Description: Mostly a Relationship Study between Harry and Hermione, but it is a Harry/Hermione video though.

Name: Andrea (site)
Video: What A Swell Party
Fandom: Angel the Series
Song and Artist: "Well Did You Evah?" by Robbie Williams & Jon Lovitz
Description: Comedic look at Angel episode 'Life of the Party'

Name: Aleisha (site)
Video: Hit Me
Fandom: Various Movies
Song and Artist: "Relax" by Powerman 5000
Description: This is an action movie crossover video.

Name: Luke Mort
Video: Willow vs. Lost Survivors
Fandom: Lost and Buffy
Song and Artist: "Torture Me" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Description: Ana Lucia kills Tara and Willow seeks revenge by killing off the Lost survivors!

Name: SolarKhan (site)
Video: The Deadman vs The Next Big Thing
Fandom: Wrestling
Song and Artist: "The Last Stand" from the X3 Soundtrack
Description: A promo of the match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker made in the professional style of WWE.

Name: Shoopdancer (site)
Video: Shoot Your Gun
Fandom: Cry_Wolf
Song and Artist: "Shoot Your Gun" by 22 20's
Description: Owen and Dodger's unique relationship from Owen's POV, on how Dodger has him wrapped around her little finger.

Name: becca (site)
Video: You Could Be Happy
Fandom: The Office
Song and Artist: "You Could Be Happy" by Snow Patrol
Description: Jim and Pam just want each other to be happy....even if it means being apart.

Name: anubis
Video: Immortal Affections Remake
Fandom: Inuyasha
Song and Artist: "My Immortal" by Evanescence
Description: A remake of an old WMM classic of mine. With improved effects, timings, and quality, Immortal Affections is destined to touch your heart.

Name: Kristin (site)
Video: In a Dark Place
Fandom: Forever Knight
Song and Artist: "In a Dark Place" by Gary Numan
Description: Explores Nick's pain, remorse, and guilt as he remembers the sins of his vampiric past. Searching for salvation, he struggles to emerge from his world of darkness. The video also reveals those who Nick reaches out to the most in his time of need.

Name: Nikki (site)
Video: Buffy & Angel // Love Song
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "Love Song" by Snake River Conspiracy
Description: Buffy and Angel's love is infinite.

Name: idobelieveinfairies87 (site)
Video: Dream On
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Dream On" by Aerosmith
Description: The fights and struggles of Sam and Dean Winchester.

Name: Aimee (site)
Video: Stay
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Song and Artist: "Stay" by Lisa Loeb
Description: It seems that whenever Veronica thinks she has her relationship with Logan figured out, he always finds a reason why they just don't work together.

Name: Ana Camoes (site)
Video: Wicked Games
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
Song and Artist: "Wicked Games" by Chris Isaak
Description: This video shows that angel and buffy don't wanna fall in love for each other, but they can't resist!!

Name: Lisa (site)
Video: Look into my Eyes
Fandom: Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Song and Artist: "Sands' Theme" by Johnny Depp
Description: Sands is a corrupt CIA officer, a talented gunman, and a wyly anti-hero with his own redeeming moral

Name: KEakaCK (site)
Video: Smallville: SUpernova
Fandom: Smallville
Song and Artist: "Supernova" by DJ Micro
Description: This is just an action filled video with scenes from all six seasons of Smallville

Name: Jenn
Video: It's the Fear
Fandom: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Song and Artist: "It's The Fear" by Within Temptation
Description: A Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Video

Name: Q
Video: The Maxx - Rabbit in Your Headlight
Fandom: The Maxx
Song and Artist: "Rabbit in Your Headlight" by Radiohead
Description: This is my tribute to one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Ask yourself: Where was I when Li'l Julie's bunny went QUASK? ...

Name: Christa (site)
Video: Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Song and Artist: "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" from The Lion King soundtrack
Description: Arwen and Aragorn's relationship through Legolas' and Gimli's point of view, with Arwen as Nala, Aragorn as Simba, Legolas as Timon, and Gimli as Pumbaa.

Name: Crystal (site)
Video: What's Left of Me
Fandom: Doctor Who
Song and Artist: "What's Left of Me" by Nick Lachey
Description: The Doctor reflects on the last few months of his life shortly before his regeneration. Will Rose accept him in his next incarnation? And can there be a happy ending afterwards?

Name: WendyLouWho (site)
Video: Lonely Day
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "Lonely Day" by System of a Down
Description: Willow returns from England and reflects on her loneliest day.

Name: SuperSaiyan005,Vlad007,TkHoMiE,and Videompt
Video: Ultimate DBZ Project
Fandom: Dragonball Z
Song and Artist: "Seize of Power" by Marylin Manson
Description: A Video about the 5 greatest battles in DBZ history

Name: Aruna7 (site)
Video: Shattered Fates trailer & credits
Fandom: Star Wars
Song and Artist: "The Duel" by John Williams
Description: Based on an online Starwars RPG, this is the trailer and credits for a future SW video series about a Jedi and his sister, 500 years after Return of the Jedi.

Name: Ar-Feinel (site)
Video: Vanishing
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "Vanishing" by Lowe
Description: Everything changes, time flies, precious moments between people come and go, they simply... vanish. A Spuffy video. Warning: partial nudity

Name: Kate Pevensie (site)
Video: Epica
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Song and Artist: "Preliator" by Globus
Description: An epic, action-packed look at the Lord of the Rings trilogy

Name: JennCho (site)
Video: Prison Rhapsody
Fandom: Prison Break
Song and Artist: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
Description: "Life had just begun // But now I've gone and thrown it all away"

Name: Jake (site)
Video: Everything Burns
Fandom: The Punisher
Song and Artist: "Everything Burns" by Ben Moody and Anastacia
Description: This was my very first video in premiere haha.. and as you can tell... i started discovering new parts of the program as the video progressed :P

Name: Casper (site)
Video: Drift
Fandom: Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift
Song and Artist: "Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock
Description: Tokyo gets heated with this action packed music video

Name: Guardian (site)
Video: Half Acre
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "Half Acre" by Hem
Description: "Every night the fear and darkness lay down with us." Closest I've come to "Tearjerker" so I'll call it an "Involuntary Goosebumps" video.

Name: Ladykate
Video: Rose and Jack - Beauty and the Beast
Fandom: Rose and Jack
Song and Artist: "You Are Loved" by Josh Groban
Description: this video took me a while to put all my clips into place. but it was my 3rd attempt at a crossover

Name: Morgan (site)
Video: I Want You to Need Me
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "I Want You to Need Me" by Celine Dion
Description: Riley wishes Buffy could understand what he needs.

Name: Wes (site)
Video: When I Change Your Mind
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Song and Artist: "When I Change Your Mind" by Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Description: When is an angst-riddled romance funny? When it's Sunnydale's Big Bad and Buffy.

Name: Kit-Kat (site)
Video: Devil's Daughter
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Song and Artist: "The Devil's Daughter" by Silvertide
Description: Wesley falls for Drusilla only to discover he's got the devil's daughter in his bed!

Name: Kristian (site)
Video: Lucas & Peyton - Kissing You
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Song and Artist: "Kissing You" by Des'ree
Description: This is how Lucas would have dealt with Peyton's death if she had died in the school shooting (3x16)

Name: Yusagi (site)
Video: My Snow White Queen
Fandom: LazyTown
Song and Artist: "Snow White Queen" by Evanescence
Description: Blame SIMBIANI! She made me do one, though I chose the song/idea. A much darker look at Stephanie/Sportacus

Name: Ringwench (site)
Video: Born to Kill
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Born to Kill" by Matthew Good
Description: The Winchesters, the demon, and the family business. Season one overview.

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