Round Six Entries

Name: Kitty (site)
Video: Always With Me
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Here With Me" by the Finalist
Description: Sam loses Jessica and dreams about her death over and over again. Even though she's gone, she'll always be in his heart.

Name: whereistheluv (site)
Video: What Hurts the Most
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Song and Artist: "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts
Description: Logan and Veronica are haunted by memories of happier times.

Name: Buffyann (site)
Video: Sway
Fandom: Prison Break
Song and Artist: "Sway" by the Perishers
Description: This is a video narrating the whole story of Michael/Sara from season 1 to now(216). How they fell for each other despite the lies and pain involved.

Name: Zohar
Video: Mother
Fandom: Doctor Who
Song and Artist: "Mother" by Tori Amos
Description: Rose leaves home and loses herself to the Doctor.

Name: Heather (site)
Video: Shaun's Requiem
Fandom: Shaun of the Dead
Song and Artist: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
Description: Shown from Shaun's POV, as he tries to fix his relationship with Liz as well as fight off the attacking zombies of London.

Name: RedJackett (site)
Video: X-Men Revolution
Fandom: X-Men
Song and Artist: "Revolution" by Aimee Allen
Description: Ever since I first heard this song I knew I needed to make an X-men video to it! It is time for a Mutant Revolution!

Name: Karma
Video: Dangerous Mind
Fandom: Harry Potter
Song and Artist: "Dangerous Mind" by Within Temptation
Description: What's on your mind Snape? Seek and you shall find.

Name: Luke Mort (site)
Video: Kate Disappear Here
Fandom: Lost
Song and Artist: "Song for Clay Disappear Here" by Bloc Party
Description: Fast paced Kate action vid as Kate reflects back on the island about her past!

Name: lagome
Video: Over
Fandom: Shakespeare in Love
Song and Artist: "Over" by Lindsey Lohan
Description: A young Shakespeare, out of ideas and short of cash, meets his ideal woman, VIola, and is inspired to write one of his most famous plays. Shame that they can't stay toguether because of Viola's wedding

Name: Andrea (site)
Video: No Self Control
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "No Self Control" by Peter Gabriel
Description: Spike is insane in the basement, ridden with guilt from his newly acquired soul he is now manipulated by the First Evil, he has no self control.

Name: Shazzer (site)
Video: No Good
Fandom: General Hospital
Song and Artist: "Me Ves y Sufres" by Hope of the States
Description: Noah Drake, estranged from his family and former life as a result of his alcohol addiction, comes to a crossroads when his health and life is threatened.

Name: max strife (site)
Video: Harry Finds Love
Fandom: Harry Potter
Song and Artist: "Start of Somthing New" by Troy and Gabrella (High School Musical)
Description: Harry and Hermione find true love they over came everything and finally broke free to be togeather as they fight for their love against everyone.

Name: Aleisha (site)
Video: These Colours
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Song and Artist: "Colors" by Crossfade
Description: Faith is unclear with her path, Angel and Buffy both wish to show her that she doesn't always show her best side.

Name: Kelly (site)
Video: Anakin: The Idiot Boyfriend
Fandom: Star Wars
Song and Artist: "Idiot Boyfriend" by Jimmy Fallon
Description: Anakin is the perfect example of what a boyfriend shouldn't be. Humor video. Somewhat AU.

Name: Kristin (site)
Video: Jagged
Fandom: Queen of the Damned
Song and Artist: "Jagged" by Gary Numan
Description: A dark exploration of Lestat's vampiric nature and his seductive charms.

Name: Cesar188 (site)
Video: Ethan & Leo - Only One
Fandom: The Mostly Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green
Song and Artist: "Only One" by Yellowcard
Description: Ethan and Leo are breaking up, but for both are very difficult and hard, because they still love each other. Leo stop him and he wants to be friend with him and move one and married with his new boyfriend, Ethan is hurt but will try everything he can for getting Leo back to him.

Name: Yolanda (site)
Video: Return to Innocence
Fandom: The X-Files
Song and Artist: "Return to Innocence" by Enigma
Description: The nine years of the show in less then 5 minutes. Video based on the original Enigma music video.

Name: ShadowNOS (site)
Video: Scars
Fandom: Metal Gear Solid 3
Song and Artist: "Won't Back Down" by Fuel
Description: Goes in depth on the relationship between Snake and The Boss.

Name: Victor Wonder
Video: Love and Struggles
Fandom: HULK
Song and Artist: "Larger than Life" by Backstreet Boys
Description: Essentially showing the love and struggles of various characters, which in some odd coincidence perpetuates lives to consequently intertwine. Primary focus on the relationship between Bruce & Betty as well as showing the Hulk's persistent affection for Betty by overcoming natural and man-made obstacles.

Name: Aimee (site)
Video: Boy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Song and Artist: "Boy" by Our Lady Peace
Description: Since he learned of Hogwarts and magic, Harry has had a lot of hardships thrown at him, and sometimes this can seem like too much of a burden for him to carry. But through the guidance and understanding of his friends he will learn that he doesn't have to face everything alone.

Name: brighette (site)
Video: Forsaken
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Forsaken" by Within Temptation
Description: The Winchesters seem to lead forsaken lives.

Name: SolarKhan (site)
Video: Echoes of Time
Fandom: Legend of Zelda
Song and Artist: "Dark Chest of Wonders" by Nightwish
Description: A Legend of Zelda Music Video that connects the cosmic dots between "Ocarina of Time", "The Wind Waker" and "Twilight Princess".

Name: Kristian (site)
Video: Dean & Peyton - Better Than Me
Fandom: One Tree Hill/Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Better than Me" by Hinder
Description: Dean and Peyton were together but he had to leave her to continue hunting. They both miss and think of each other. Finally, when Dean gives in and goes back to her, their happiness is cut short by John. He needs Dean and Sam to help kill the demon that killed their mother. Dean has to leave Peyton. She has hope that Dean will return to her.

Name: Shady (site)
Video: Family Potrait
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "Family Potrait" by Pink
Description: AU.Dawn POV. Dawn is tired of watching her family fall apart.

Name: Kit-Kat (site)
Video: Broken House
Fandom: House
Song and Artist: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash
Description: House is brilliant and broken, this physician just can't seem to heal himself.

Name: Morgan (site)
Video: Ponderous
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel/Manchild
Song and Artist: "Ponderous" by 2Nu
Description: Things get strange when a dream is shared.

Name: Wes (site)
Video: What's This?
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Song and Artist: "What's This?" by Fall Out Boy
Description: Christmas on the hellmouth.

Name: LilacStarOne (site)
Video: Fall to Pieces
Fandom: As the World Turns
Song and Artist: "Fall to Pieces" by Avril Lavigne
Description: Dusty supports Jennifer as she struggles to deal with the end of her marriage and her baby "dying". She pushes him away because she thinks she relies on Dusty too much. Nonetheless, they can't deny the connection.

Name: Txlsplash (site)
Video: They
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Song and Artist: "They" by Jem
Description: A look at three relationships (though not a shipper): Kara/Lee, Sharon/Helo, Gaius/Six

Name: Quee Rose (site)
Video: Closer to You
Fandom: Harry Potter
Song and Artist: "Closer to You" by Young Love
Description: This is a vidlet of Draco and Hermione and its mostly a relationship study between the two.

Name: Milly (site)
Video: Invisible Hands
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Invisible Hands" by Joseph Arthur
Description: [SPOILERS] (John Winchester POV) A dying man's letter to his sons as he looks back one last time at his life and everything he's lost.

Name: We'reDoomed (site)
Video: The Truth
Fandom: X-Files
Song and Artist: "Tired of You" by the Exies
Description: Mulder/Scully drama/romance covering all nine seasons

Name: Elion (site)
Video: Going Under
Fandom: Dracula 2000
Song and Artist: "Going Under" by Evanescence
Description: Mary is his.

Name: Nicole (site)
Video: Teardrops on my Guitar
Fandom: One Tree Hill
Song and Artist: "Teardrops on my Guitar" by Taylor Swift
Description: Brooke is trying to get over the fact that Lucas chose Peyton over her. She tells him it's ok but on the inside she's breaking down.

Name: Edelwyn (site)
Video: It's All Coming Back
Fandom: Dead Again
Song and Artist: "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" by Celine Dion
Description: Based on Dead Again. The movie is a bit strange, you should probably read a synopsis of it before watching the vid. Deals with Mike and Grace's memories coming back to them.

Name: Leanna (site)
Video: One Thing
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Song and Artist: "One Thing" by Finger Eleven
Description: (AU) Veronica struggles with her growing feelings for Mac.

Name: Ar-Feiniel (site)
Video: Kantayra's "Blue Horizons" (Part II - "Baby Steps")
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "You Give Me Something" by James Morrison
Description: Part 2 (of 5) of Kantayra's wonderful story - ''Blue Horizons''.

Name: Sweet (site)
Video: Slayer's Fate
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "What it Feels Like for a Girl" by Madonna
Description: Faith & Buffy relationship

Name: Cordy (site)
Video: We're in Heaven
Fandom: ER
Song and Artist: "Heaven" by DJ Sammy and Yanou feat. Do
Description: Once in your life you find someone who will turn your world around... Forever Carter & Lucy...

Name: SamanthaJackson (site)
Video: Eyes
Fandom: Heroes
Song and Artist: "Eyes" by Rogue Wave
Description: A cast video about our heroes (episodes 1 to 11)

Name: Morgan (site)
Video: Say Goodnight & Go
Fandom: The OC
Song and Artist: "Say Goodnight & Go"
Description: "Why'd you have to be so cute? You get me everytime."

Name: FinduilasNienna (site)
Video: Sexy LotR Heroes
Fandom: My Hero by the Foo Fighters
Song and Artist: "Say Goodnight & Go"
Description: Music video about all the sexy guys from 'Lord of the Rings': Aragorn, Boromir, Elrond, ɯmer, Faramir, Haldir and Legolas

Name: Anna (site)
Video: Sin City
Fandom: Sin City
Song and Artist: "Hope vol. II" by Apocalyptica
Description: A Sin city action/love music video

Name: Maria (site)
Video: A Simple Twist of Fate
Fandom: Charmed
Song and Artist: "All About Us" by TATU
Description: In "Centennial Charmed", Paige goes to Cole's apartment, wanting to kill him, but instead the attraction between the two of them reaches its apex and the two of them become lovers unbeknown to her sisters.

Name: Helena (site)
Video: Live and Let Die: Mei
Fandom: House of Flying Daggers
Song and Artist: "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney
Description: The two sides of Mei: elegant, feminine Mei and fatal, ruthless Mei.

Name: Nida (site)
Video: Breathe Me
Fandom: Heroes
Song and Artist: "Breathe Me" by Sia
Description: Peter and Claire's story

Name: Guardian (site)
Video: In Repair
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song and Artist: "In Repair" by Our Lady Peace
Description: (AU video) Willow and Tara, lesbian witches, find themselves falling in love.

Name: Jake (site)
Video: Dreams
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Song and Artist: "Must Be Dreaming" by Frou Frou
Description: A tribute to the Kingdom Hearts series.

Name: Jenn (site)
Video: How Do I Breathe
Fandom: Smallville
Song and Artist: "How Do I Breathe" by Mario
Description: No matter how hard Clark and Lana try to cut everything off, they're just not made that way.

Name: nikki (site)
Video: Forget to Remember
Fandom: Hostage
Song and Artist: "Forget to Remember" by Mudvayne
Description: Character study of mars: Mars is a very disturbed individual who is completely obsessed with one of the hostages. At some points of the video he feels a bit guilty for what he is doing but the urge takes over.

Name: Sunny88 (site)
Video: Romeo+Giulietta - Kiss the Rain
Fandom: Romeo + Giulietta
Song and Artist: "Kiss the Rain" by Billie Myers
Description: This is a video on "Romeo+Juliet" with the song of Billie Myers.

Name: Elvira (site)
Video: The Swan Song
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Song and Artist: "The Swan Song" by Within Temptation
Description: A character study of Frodo and Arwen showing some of the similarities in their separate journeys throughout the films.

Name: Laura (site)
Video: Read My Mind
Fandom: Scrubs
Song and Artist: "Read My Mind" by The Killers
Description: JD is always there for his friends but where are his friends when he needs someone to be there.

Name: wolfpup (site)
Video: Prelude 12-21
Fandom: Supernatural
Song and Artist: "Prelude 12-21" by AFI
Description: The loss of loved ones can bring out the "demon" in anyone.

Name: Aida
Video: Try Not To Remember (Harry)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Song and Artist: "Try Not to Remember" by Sheryl Crow
Description: A sad and angsty vid about Harry mourning for the losses on his life and that he should not suffer for that for his own good

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