Round Seven Winners

Awards are presented as text links out of consideration to those with slower connection speeds. Please save all awards to your own server.

Core Awards

All awards are customized by fandom. Winners are animated.

Best Video - The Line by ShadowNOS

Best Video RU - My Demise by Aimee

Best Editing - Spartan by Jake

Best Editing RU - The Line by ShadowNOS

Best Use of Music - Crazier by Kristin

Specialized Awards

This round's template features Spider-Man and Captain America from Amazing Spider-Man 537. Winners are animated while runners-up include still screenshots.

Best Overview - The Line by ShadowNOS

Best Overview RU - My Demise by Aimee

Best Relationship - Phobic by Katie

Best Relationship - Sonnet 29 by Shazzer

Best Relationship RU - By the Way by Flor

Best Narrative - My Demise by Aimee

Best Narrative RU - Spider-Man: The Choice by SolarKhan

Best Narrative RU - Shot by wolfpup

Best Action - Spartan by Jake

Best Action RU - Forgotten Memory by Casper

Best Alternative - The Line by ShadowNOS

Best Alternative RU - Crazier by Kristin

Discretionary Awards

Awards for Merit are constructed exactly like Specialized runners-up. Notable Entries feature an image from Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America. Each Judge's Choice is customized by fandom and animated.

Award for Merit - Beyond Expectation by Milly

Award for Merit - Can't Bring Me Down by Kitty

Award for Merit - Forever Young by Mel

Award for Merit - Nightmare or Reality by Heather

Award for Merit - Tuff Ghost by Martouf Marty

Award for Merit - Blow Me Away by mnallison02

Notable Entry - Running Up That Hill by brighette

Notable Entry - Time is Running Out by Victoria

Judge's Choice (dragonchic) - Spartan by Jake

Judge's Choice (bradcpu) - Sonnet 29 by Shazzer

Didn't win anything? Don't be discouraged - competition at the FNVAs is incredibly intense. Please see the earliest update on the index page for information regarding reviews and resubmission.

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