Tournament Guidelines

In Short

Rather than compete against all other participants at once, vidders will work their way through the tournament in stages. In each stage, vidders must submit one video to compete head-to-head against an opponent. Whoever wins the match advances to the next round. This will continue until only one vidder is left standing.


FNVA veterans and newcomers alike are welcome to participate. Please follow the instructions on the submission form, as only newcomers have to submit two videos for initial consideration.

Submission Guidelines

Any and all source material is welcome - fandom, original, or external.

Vidders may submit any vid from their catalog, regardless of whether it has been submitted to the FNVAs before. This includes videos submitted to the previous tournament.

NO RAPIDSHARE. All other downloadable and streaming hosts are accepted. Please make sure your links are working, as the tournament will move fast and leave little time to wait on broken links.

NO COLLABORATIONS. You must have edited each entry entirely by yourself.

There is no limit on filesize.

Excessive violence, profanity, and sexual content are all allowed.

If your video contains clips of someone being eaten, swallowed, or in a mouth, you MUST timestamp each one of them in the "Notes for Judge" section of the submission form.

About the Tournament

We will follow the format of a standard single-elimination seeded tournament. A popular example of this is found in NCAA college basketball. For an explanation of how seeded tournaments work, please see this article.

There will be no restrictions placed on the number of participants. The number of brackets will be determined after a final count of participants has been made.

Seeding will be based on past performance at the FNVAs. If you are new to the site, we will use the two videos you submitted when signing up to determine your seed, so it is imperative that you choose videos that are representative of what you will be submitting in the tournament. Some participants may have to compete for a limited number of lowest-seed slots.

Depending on the overall number of participants and the subsequent number of rounds, entrants may or may not be able to submit the same video twice. Be prepared with at least 4-5 videos (from your current library, although you can certainly submit a brand new vid if you like). No one will be able to blow through the competition with just one exemplary vid.

You will be given a window of a few days to submit your entry for a round. If you do not submit within that time frame you will forfeit the match and your opponent will advance.

There will be no classification or consolation rounds. Once you are eliminated, you are out of the tournament for good. The judge's decisions are final, so please do not argue.


A round's entries will not be revealed until all videos have been submitted and the round is closed. Thus, I recommend that you browse an opponent's vidding library to get an idea of what you will be up against. If your opponent does not have a site, a list of links will be prepared for you and posted here.

Because you must vary your submissions, if you plan to go far in the tournament you should be careful to preserve your best work for later rounds in which you will be matched against tougher opponents. On the other hand, if you receive a low seed and do not expect to get very far, you should send your best work out early in the hopes of an upset over a higher-ranked vidder.

Because of the importance of strategy and luck, I make no qualms about finding a "Best Vidder" through this tournament. The winner will be labeled the tournament champion - nothing more, nothing less.


Personalized awards will be granted to everyone who advances past the first round of the tournament. You will receive ONE award total, marking the highest stage you reached. Awards for early rounds will likely feature non-customized templates. As the tournament progresses the awards will be more and more tailored after the vidders' submissions. Since judging and running the tournament will be quite an undertaking in and of itself, I will most likely not be making any of the awards myself, but will outsource those duties to extremely capable graphic artists.


If you have any questions please do not hesistate to contact me through the tagboard, on LiveJournal, or by email.

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