As with regular rounds, I will be judging solo during the tournament.

The start of each new round functions as a blank slate, so past submissions to the tournament or the FNVAs, or any other familiarity I may have with your work, will not affect your entry's evaluation. Again, I am not necessarily looking to find the best vidder in the tournament, but merely have a bit of fun in honor of the site's anniversary and see who best manages to navigate through the competition.

Videos will be judged on overall merit, that is to say, the complexity and resonance of the participant's vision and the artistic and technical prowess of their execution. Once a baseline technical standard has been met, artistic merit will weigh more heavily in judging.

To learn more about how judging works at the FNVAs, please browse the standard judging section. There you will find more information about me and detailed criteria used to evaluate vids. Please note that many questions and answers in the regular FAQ will not apply to the tournament round, so please use common sense and read the tournament guidelines before relying on it.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop me a line on the tagboard or through email.

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