Round Fifteen Winners

Awards are presented as text links out of consideration to those with slower connection speeds. Please save all awards to your own server.

Core Awards

All awards are customized by fandom. Winners are animated.

Best Video - La Marée Haute by Buffyann

Best Video RU - Through Time and Space by ShadowNOS

Specialized Awards

This round's template features Peter Parker and Princess Gwendolyn from Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #4. Winners are animated while runners-up include still screenshots.

Best Overview - Into the Wild by Sunny88

Best Overview RU - I Walk Alone by Heather

Best Character - La Marée Haute by Buffyann

Best Character RU - Mercedes-Benz by mresundance

Best Character RU - Breathe Me by SmokeyFizz

Best Relationship - Don't Cha/Seether by Milly

Best Relationship RU- Together We Will Live Forever by monsie

Best Relationship RU- Power & Passion by Victor Wonder

Best Ensemble - Through Time and Space by ShadowNOS

Best Ensemble RU - Anarchy by balistik

Best Ensemble RU - Raising Hell by Reese

Best Action - Anarchy by balistik

Best Action RU - Raising Hell by Reese

Best Action RU - Special Ops vs. the Decepticons by Aisylnn

Best Comedy - Awfully Different by Andrea

Best Alternative - Anarchy by balistik

Best Alternative RU - Killer's Bane by SolarKhan

Discretionary Awards

Awards for Merit are constructed exactly like Specialized runners-up. Notable Entries feature Peter and Mary Jane from Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #1. Judge's Choice is customized by fandom and animated.

Award for Merit - Drive by Thandie

Award for Merit - Precious by Shoopdancer

Award for Merit - Dance with the Wolves by brighette

Award for Merit - What It Feels Like for a Girl by Cynthia

Notable Entry - Love of my Life by Lena

Notable Entry - Dance with the Devil by wolfpup

Notable Entry - Map of the Problematique by Lexcelsior

Notable Entry - What Else Is There? by lady_m4ryjane

Judge's Choice - Don't Cha/Seether by Milly

Didn't win anything? Don't be discouraged - competition at the FNVAs is incredibly intense. Please see the earliest update on the index page for more information.

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